Writing articles is one of the best ways of creating one way links back to your site. Many marketers know that writing articles are great and powerful methods to marketing online. The techniques for writing articles are numerous and beyond the scope of this article. Simple, easy to read articles are quite effective in achieving your goals of increased website traffic and profits.

Every article you write should be aimed at a certain keyword. Every article you write should have a good signature line. Nothing you write is ever wasted.

Articles get indexed by search engines like Google and rank very well in search results. Your Ezine will normally get indexed by Google within a week of publishing it. The reasons you need to submit to as many article sites as you can because of the number link backs you will receive. Ezine publishers and sites will publish them People who visit the site or read the Ezine will also ask you if it’s ok they use your article. What this means is that you will receive one way links to your site.

Remember “Content is King” and you can be that king. Of course, you still have the knowledge and are free to continue writing and publishing on the same subject. Original, informative content is a must. When you have content that is original you will see your search engine rankings increase. You need to make sure that the content that you submitting is relevant to the theme of your business.

For link building it is vital to search in the web and find out those sites that deal with similar product to yours. Once your article is submitted the link in your bio will be placed on many sites and it will be pointing back to your site which will increase your traffic. What you will notice about the articles though, is that they will come with link at the bottom of them. This link will lead back to the webmaster’s website. Some directories allow one or two links within the body of the article, but they must not be perceived as advertising or blatant affiliate links. If this is allowed, then the link must be relevant to the context of the article.

Try not to get links to quickly search engines have been know to penalize those sites that get links to quickly. Add links between articles and related pages on your site. Links pointing back to your site is very important for link popularity but those internal links are also very important. Getting one good article with the appropriate keywords that is distributed among sites will improve your serps and build traffic. As more and more directories and individual websites display your article, your back links will increase, as will your ranking.

If you think one article will help you with build link marketing campaign you are wrong, you need to consistently write articles to do this. Continue to build on your article writing and submit the articles to steadily build your websites traffic. One of the best sources of traffic is article-writing and submission. Writing good quality article will definitely help you receive traffic to your websites.

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